The Eikon Podcast

S5E145: Eat the Children: Revelation as Literature

June 26, 2023 Michael Burns Season 5 Episode 145
The Eikon Podcast
S5E145: Eat the Children: Revelation as Literature
Show Notes

Jason, Gianna, and Michael return from their extended break and jump right into a new series on Revelation. They begin by looking at clues within the opening verses about what type of literature the Revelation is and discuss what that means for how we should and should not expect to read it.

Selected resource list (in no particular order):

1.  Revelation for the Rest of Us – Scot McKnight
2.  Reading Revelation Responsibly – Michael Gorman
3.  Revelation Commentary – Brian Blount
4.  Revelation as Civil Disobedience – Thomas Slater
5.  Unholy Allegiances – David A. DeSilva
6.  For the Healing of the Nations – Justo Gonzalez
7.  Reversed Thunder – Eugene Peterson
8.  The Rapture Exposed – Barbara Russing
9.  After Dispensationalism – Brian Irwin
10.  The Rise and Fall of Dispensationalism – Daniel Hummel
11.  Apocalypse and Allegiance – J. Nelson Kraybill
12.  Comfort and Protest – Allan Boesak
13.  Unveiling Empire – Wes Howard-Brook
14.  Revelation and the Politics of Apocalyptic Interpretation – Richard B. Hays
15.  Discovering Revelation – David DeSilva
16.  Revelation & the End of All Things – Craig Koester
17.  The Theology of the Book of Revelation – Richard Bauckham
18.  Word Biblical Commentary: Revelation (3 Volumes) – David E. Aune)
19.  The Anchor Yale Bible: Revelation – Craig Koester
20.  The Home of God – Miroslav Volf