The Eikon Podcast

The Misfits E3: Bonus Patreon Episode

February 22, 2024 Michael Burns
The Eikon Podcast
The Misfits E3: Bonus Patreon Episode
Show Notes

This episode delves into the pressure to be okay in church culture and the importance of creating a space where it's okay not to be okay. The concept of being seen or invisible is explored, highlighting the significance of feeling understood and validated. The conversation also touches on the need for a culture of lament and wrestling with God, acknowledging the complexities of life and the presence of suffering.

- Feeling unseen can arise in various contexts, including church culture and racial experiences.
- The temptation to change oneself to fit expectations and be seen is common but should be navigated with grace.
- Being seen for who you truly are requires a diverse and inclusive community that values personal stories.
- Fostering cultures that truly see and value individuals is essential for creating a sense of belonging and unity.

00:00 - Introverts and Extroverts during Quarantine
06:34 - Enjoying the Quarantine as an Introvert
13:01 - Church Culture and the Pressure to be Okay
19:46 - Creating a Culture of Being Seen or Invisible
27:36 - The Importance of Lament and Wrestling with God
35:47 - The God Who Sees and Stoops Down
39:04 - Ways Church Culture Can Make Misfits Feel Unseen
40:25 - Feeling Unseen
41:14 - Racial and Cultural Experiences
42:10 - Church Culture and Expectations
43:37 - Feeling Unvalued
44:38 - Overcoming Expectations
45:29 - Fear of Public Speaking
46:12 - Favoritism and Exclusion
47:28 - Associating with Others
48:37 - Feeling Used
50:33 - Being Seen for Who You Are
53:08 - Superficial Connections
55:36 - Cultures that Foster Being Seen